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Carrier Oils- A Know-All Guide

What are carrier oils? A vegetable oil extracted from the fat-rich portions of plants is called a ‘Carrier Oil’ .Carrier oils are very lightly scented or unscented, and have distinctive therapeutic properties. Carrier oils are used for the process of dilution of essential oils. What is the need for carrier oils? Direct application of essential

Nourish your Hair Using the Best Hair Mask

At times, your hair needs a bit extra because the damage is something that makes your hair look dull. But a hair mask is a conditioning treatment, which helps in healing damaged hair with efficacy. They contain ingredients like lipids and natural oils, in heavy concentrations.  Ingredients are important: These days, several types of hair

Why Should You Make & Familiar With Natural Soap

Get familiar with natural soap: Natural soaps are being made using different natural sources that contain organic components. These soaps are generally made by merging butter and some plant-based oils, which are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. These are some natural ingredients that our skin, body, and hair need the most. Moisturize your skin